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Worship and teaching

Worship and teaching: Heavenly citizens

In our Becoming: series, we think how the extraordinary promise of heaven shapes our present and our future.

16-Jul-23Connect Gamston
00:00 / 56:45

Teaching: Friendship and Faith
25 June 2023

Phil Knox teaches on friendship and faith, sharing lessons from his new book The Best of Friends.

25-Jun-23Connect Gamston
00:00 / 27:46

Worship and teaching: Philippians 3: 7-9
14 May 2023

In our Becoming: series, we consider Becoming His - how we can take on Jesus' righteousness.

14-May-23: ServiceConnect Gamston
00:00 / 1:02:14

Worship and teaching: Matthew 5
26 March 2023

We go into the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus' teachings that were as countercultural 2000 years ago as they are now.

26-Mar-23: ServiceConnect Gamston
00:00 / 1:00:05

Worship and teaching: Philippians 3:10
4 June 2023

In our Becoming: series, we consider the ways that we share in both the power and suffering of Jesus' death and resurrection.

4-Jun-23 - serviceConnect Gamston
00:00 / 1:02:18

Teaching: John 20 (Easter Sunday 2023)

Jesus is risen! We celebrate the good news of the Easter story and what it means for us today.

9-Apr-23: TalkConnect Gamston
00:00 / 22:01

Teaching: Jonah
12 March 2023

We explore one of God's least willing messengers: Jonah. What can we learn from his frustration at God's mercy?

12-Mar-23Connect Gamston
00:00 / 33:52
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